Inclusive Movement Approach


The Inclusive Movement Approach best serves all learners.



All learners perform better when the “whole person” is considered. Too often typical movement programs are delivered to drive people toward a norm, rather than working to achieve individual meaningful gain.

The Inclusive Movement Approach adopts the best practices and methodologies from the leading motor development and fitness models. This ensures that a higher degree of assessment, instructional differentiation, and skill modification is delivered over the standard “one size fits all” approach. It provides a direct and essential extension from  therapeutic / medical services such as physical and occupational therapy to traditional community based movement programs. Without this “bridge” approach, many children often find themselves on the outside looking in.

Essential questions:

Will the program provide my child an experience  that leads to greater personal and community mindfulness?

Will the program develop multiple movement skills for my child simultaneously?

Will the program embed and embrace my child’s interests and personal attributes?

Will the program lead to my child gaining greater emotional confidence when playing games with peers?

Will this experience strengthen my child’s Executive Functions?